Thursday, February 18, 2010

Generation Y, Trying to Do It All

Its official the wedding rings have come off the finger they have eagerly rested on and beautified my hand while doing so. They had progressively been getting tighter and I knew the day was destined to come. I am not attached to the rings themselves, as I know my husband loves me no matter what and we don't need to signify our love with material objects. I love wearing my rings because they are stunning (well to me anyways) and so I don't get 'the look', the oh you poor young girl pregnant with no husband look. Its the generation gap I guess, especially between those similar age of my grandparents. Yes, I am still young, in some eyes too young, I am 26 and dearest husband is 30. In today's society I find that more people are waiting to expand their family than in the years past. However its a decision we made together. Did we want to have kids now, have the energy and stamina to keep up with them, or did we wish to wait another 15 years when we had more life experience and possibly financial stability? Another deciding factor was that when we retire it would be nice if our kids were out of the house, independent and we would be able to enjoy our time together and do the things we enjoy as adults, minus the children.

It's a new generation. It's the "all about me" Generation Y, or some would say. The generation that is setting their goals and going to get them, no matter what it takes. We have decided that we are starting our family now, not waiting, and are going to do it in as eco-friendly as our lives will allow us. I told a family member that we had registered for various slings and baby carriers as I support baby wearing. Her response... "Oh you are going to be one of those cloth diaper parents as well, lol". Actually, yes. Yes, we will be "one of those cloth diapering families". I didn't think it was the right time to also tell her that there was no way in hell we would be putting chemical products, such as Johnson's baby products, on our sweet little guys skin!

So with our little mans arrival getting closer and closer (pregnancy has not been gentle to me!) we are ready for this journey. The journey of a Generation Y mom wanting it all.....and I am set to do it.....or so I think. Its going to be quite a ride and I am so ready! Oh, did I mention that I run a business, or two, and hope to do this while simultaneously nursing an infant?!


  1. I've been married 13+ years now and might put my rings on a couple times a year. ;) Dh is even worse. With kids, handwashing, sports, gardening, etc, we were taking them off so often I was afraid they'd be lost. For several years now we've been discussing getting bands tattooed on. Dh got his done before Christmas, but I have to wait until after this babe is born and no longer EBF -- probably around Christmas 2010.

    I was 26 when my first was born. He was terrifying to me, as I had no experience with babies at all, but we figured it out together. I'll be 34 when this baby is born and feel pretty confident in our parenting choices and outlook on life.

    Best thing about having kids younger is that you don't have as much "nice stuff" for them to cover in crayon. ;)

  2. There is never enough time in a day, and always more things to do. Because of that, enjoy as much time with the babe and as a family as possible. Everything else can wait ;)

  3. @refashionista
    great idea with the tattoos, something to think about down the road. Since we just paid these ones off I think DH would appreciate if I wore them a little longer after the little man arrives:) We have hesitated painting most of our house, leaving cream coloured walls with lots of art work as we know little mischevious hands will be sure to mark them up ;)

    @Rebecca I hope to take at least a year to spend as much time as possible with the new babe. I know how quickly they grow up, and before you know it they are no longer a baby :( but a toddler, then all of a sudden going to school full days! I am sure I will have no problem letting the laundry pile up, but hope to keep the business a float while being a SAHM.

    Thanks both of you for commenting, means a lot coming from experienced moms.

  4. What exactly is one of those cloth diapering families? LOL So many people do cloth now you can't even stereotype!

  5. @Shannon lol, I just bit my tongue. I am sure I will have much more tongue biting to do with a few ppl for the first year or so as they get adjusted to raising a child in 2010!

  6. Yay to babywearing! Have you bought slings? I had a stretchy pouch from Mama Kangaroo for my son, and he never liked it. My daughter loves the pouch sling, and at 10 months old I can still get her to fall asleep in it. I also have a Baby Hawk (Mei Tei style) which is awesome for when they are a little bigger and you don't want to lug a stroller. Ask @glidinglara what she thinks about her Beco, it's another good cross-over type of sling.

  7. @somekindofwondermom yes I have 7 diff. slings, lol, I don't know if DH will let me buy anymore ;) have 2 sleepy wraps, mei tai style, sakura bloom, hot slings, baby bjorn, etc. hope baby boy likes them!