Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pregnant or Thinking of Becoming Pregnant? Read this first!!

1. Itchy, oh boy do I get itchy! My skin at times is itchy beyond anything it has ever been before. I have not changed my lotions, soaps, or laundry detergent. All are still completely natural and environmentally friendly but my skin is beyond dry. I apply moisturizer upon moisturizer and have even thought about tying my hands up to not be able to scratch, scratch and scratch!

2. Stretch marks- Beware! These things seem to just pop out of nowhere! One day there are none the next day a ton! We started off the pregnancy rubbing cocoa butter and olive oil on my tummy. It was a way for daddy to begin bonding with the baby and to give mommy one less thing to whine about! Don't waste your time with any lotions, creams or oils. GO STRAIGHT FOR THE VITAMIN E, don't fool around with this, the minute you find out you are pregnant start smearing it on morning, noon and night. If you are one of those "special women" who never get a single mark I don't want to hear from you ;)

3. Insomnia- first 3-4 months I slept, slept non stop all the time. I was never a napper until I became pregnant. Give me an opportunity to close my eyes, and I could fall asleep in no time. It was really the only time I don't feel extremely nauseous or have the chance to vomit so I would sleep for as long as I could. I knew that the moment I would wake up it would be another run to the toilet or garbage can! I then fell into a great routine of "regular" sleeping for a month. Then poof, out the window that went. Holy freakin insomnia! I now am able to stay up hours and hours later than ever before. I finally am able to fall asleep, generally around midnight or 1a.m. and then am woken up at least every 2 hours to go to the bathroom. People tell you to get as much sleep as you can before the baby comes, I wish I could sleep now! I am in a marathon of training for when baby arrives and is up continually wanting to be fed.

4. Nausea- Working with pregnant clients I always saw them glowing. I thought pregnancy would be an absolute joy, a wonderful experience that I could not wait to partake in. You read about nausea, how some have "morning sickness" during the first trimester. Only 1 book (thank you Ann Douglas ) for sharing that it is possible for a few woman to have nausea throughout the pregnancy. I hugged the toilet for weeks upon weeks. I had vivid images of how it would be nice to not be pregnant and then I would feel bad as we had planned this pregnancy and thought I should just suck it up. Let me tell you something, I didn't have "morning sickness" I had "permanent day sickness". The only time I was not vomiting was when I was sleeping. It didn't matter what I ate or when I ate it. I finally broke down and my doctor prescribed diclectin. His suggested 4 doses per day did absolutely nothing. It was no help of course that I would take my first pill of the day and immediately vomit it up. Then try to take another and vomit it up. I was a mess. Emotionally, physically and mentally. Ann Douglas finally tweeted and highly recommended that I contacted Mother Risk out of Sick Kids for information and assistance. It was mentioned in her book, but thought that maybe I could get past this stage of the first trimester and life would be good. I finally broke down and made the call. SAVED MY LIFE! The information they had was absolutely wonderful. Extremely helpful, supportive and caring group of individuals. They increased my daily dosage of diclectin and even informed me I could take gravol in the morning (and up to 4 times per day) to keep my diclectin in. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not of made it to 28 weeks so far with a sane mind (okay, I have my moments ;) without their assistance and information. Thanks to @themotherofall for finally saying CALL THEM!

5. Heartburn & Indigestion - I had heard of people complain of heartburn and indigestion before but had never once experienced it. I had no idea what people were talking about when they would talk about the discomfort it would cause. I just didn't get it. Well, OMG, it sucks! I have tried teas, drinks, various food options and over the counter medications....nothing works! People keep saying that it means our child will be born with a lot of hair. If this is true our baby will need to be taken straight to the barber!

6. Constipation - Being on progesterone pills for the first 12 weeks did not help this pregnancy issue or complaint, but I thought it may improve once I was off the progesterone. Oh no, my doctor took me off the progesterone pills and increased my iron pills. I drink at least 2L of water a day and still have to make sure I have lots of fibre. Dearest husband has seen me many days in an absolute bitch and he knows most of the time now without asking what the problem is. Get out of my way and pray to the bathroom gods that I will go to the bathroom soon!

7. Shaving- I never in the world had any idea that shaving, a regular routine and task, would become such a daunting one. We have reached the point that getting to my calves is daunting. I have started to trust my lovely husband with the razor for my legs (and legs ONLY!) Women who have never been pregnant and are thinking of it....WARNING...there will come a day when you can no longer see your lady parts. This becomes scary as you have no idea what is going on "down there". The only way to see what is happening in certain areas is to look in a mirror. Holding a mirror and shaving is NOT fun! I have been hesitant to continue with waxing with the horror stories I have heard of waxing and the delicate pregnancy skin and possible rashes that don't usually appear!

8.Putting on socks - This has become a daunting task, one that I didn't think I would need help with until a much older age! If I happen to put on two different socks I say screw it, too much work to take them off :)

9.Pedicures - Spend the money and get yourself regular pedicures. Trust me, you will love yourself for it. When your feet have officially disappeared you will want somebody to take the time to trim your toe nails, pretty-up your feet and paint those nails a vibrant colour so when you put your feet up at the end of the day you will have something nice to look at.

10. Sore boobies & Funny Nipples - Take PMS boobies, and times it by a hundred. Boobies become very, very sore. My lovely husband has learned to stop asking why I walk around with either a bra on at all times or am constantly holding them in one position. They hurt whenever they are not supportive. Read: whenever they are not glued to your chest and are able to move even in the slightest manner. Beware of the nipple changes that will appear. At times they become so tough that a tiger could chew on them and I am sure it would not phase me. Well, maybe that's a little extreme, but you get the picture. Other times they are so sensitive that the lightest breeze brings shooting pain to them and your hands are immediately retracted to your chest.

11. Discharge - I read, thanks again to The Mother of All books by Ann Douglas (if you don't have these and are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant run out and BUY THEM NOW!) that vaginal discharge may increase so I thought I was prepared. I called my doctor one day in a panic thinking I may be leaking amniotic fluid! He reassured me that all was well and to just relax. Other times, "down there", will be complete opposite. Oh the joys :)

12.Get massages, get massages, get massages. Need I say more??

13. Register and prep the babies room when you have the energy you never know when this energy may be zapped away from you. Since I hugged the toilet bowl for 4-5 months I took advantage of getting everything finalized around the 6th month mark since I had heard things can start to go downhill and become challenging during the last trimester. Also, always check up to date consumer reports. You can never be too informed! p.s. while you are at it, skip the crib bumper pad section...totally not needed and extremely unsafe!

14. Buy, Buy, Buy....well only if its needed (or so freakin cute you just can't say no!) It's never too early to buy things, especially if its on sale or a really good deal. Save money where and when you can! Take hand me downs (your child will just spit up all over it anyways) where you can and borrow from friends and family. The only exception to this, in my opinion, are cribs and car seats.

15. Don't let anybody touch your belly if you don't want them to. I HATE THIS! I have yet to tell some people that I absolutely hate it when they touch my belly. I feel like saying TOUCH YOUR OWN FREAKIN STOMACH but have yet had the words come out of my mouth. Watch out people, its coming! In the meantime until I actually find the time to verbalize this to you, back off, keep your hands to your self.

16. Hire a doula! Being a first time mom, I have no freakin idea what to expect or what may happen. Neither does my lovely and supportive, yet at times weak stomach when it comes to blood, husband. We marched out there right away and found the doula that was right for us. She has been great support to date and we can't wait to share our experience with her.

17. The first time you feel movement of your baby is absolutely magical. The tiny flutters are constant reminders of the life you are nurturing inside you. Enjoy those flutters as they eventually become hard kicks and punches. Uncomfortable at times but totally worth it :)

18. Enjoy the pregnancy and take time as a couple to spend quality time together. We were to take a European getaway together over Christmas, but I was too nauseous all the time to travel that far. We still got away, to close by Montreal, and spend all the time we can as a couple before our little man arrives and our family grows.

Now its your turn, I look forward to hearing from you as you share your ups and downs, experiences and knowledge. Especially all you veteran moms, what do you wish you would of known before your little one made their arrival? What were your expectations of pregnancy and how did it actually play out for you?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Generation Y, Trying to Do It All

Its official the wedding rings have come off the finger they have eagerly rested on and beautified my hand while doing so. They had progressively been getting tighter and I knew the day was destined to come. I am not attached to the rings themselves, as I know my husband loves me no matter what and we don't need to signify our love with material objects. I love wearing my rings because they are stunning (well to me anyways) and so I don't get 'the look', the oh you poor young girl pregnant with no husband look. Its the generation gap I guess, especially between those similar age of my grandparents. Yes, I am still young, in some eyes too young, I am 26 and dearest husband is 30. In today's society I find that more people are waiting to expand their family than in the years past. However its a decision we made together. Did we want to have kids now, have the energy and stamina to keep up with them, or did we wish to wait another 15 years when we had more life experience and possibly financial stability? Another deciding factor was that when we retire it would be nice if our kids were out of the house, independent and we would be able to enjoy our time together and do the things we enjoy as adults, minus the children.

It's a new generation. It's the "all about me" Generation Y, or some would say. The generation that is setting their goals and going to get them, no matter what it takes. We have decided that we are starting our family now, not waiting, and are going to do it in as eco-friendly as our lives will allow us. I told a family member that we had registered for various slings and baby carriers as I support baby wearing. Her response... "Oh you are going to be one of those cloth diaper parents as well, lol". Actually, yes. Yes, we will be "one of those cloth diapering families". I didn't think it was the right time to also tell her that there was no way in hell we would be putting chemical products, such as Johnson's baby products, on our sweet little guys skin!

So with our little mans arrival getting closer and closer (pregnancy has not been gentle to me!) we are ready for this journey. The journey of a Generation Y mom wanting it all.....and I am set to do it.....or so I think. Its going to be quite a ride and I am so ready! Oh, did I mention that I run a business, or two, and hope to do this while simultaneously nursing an infant?!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Progress is Being Made!

Had another prenatal appointment at the hospital this morning and was ecstatic that I only had to wait 10 minutes. Definitly a first! Our Dr. is absolutely amazing and worth the wait so I went with books in hand with the expectation of getting comfy in the waiting room.

I have only gained 2lbs since our last appointment the first week of January, which was a nice change from the 12lbs I gained from the Dec to Jan. appt! Not sure how I only managed to gain 2lbs with all the Starbucks mocha and breakfast sandwiches :) Little boys heart beat is very strong and he seems very healthy to date. He was hanging out more to the left side of me this morning.

I have been booked in to see the family of OB's at the Montfort hospital as my Dr. currently does not deliver babies, he works mostly with infertility patients and I was lucky enough just to have this amazing doctor with having no difficulties getting pregnant. He was quite thorough and was very warm. Dearest Husband (DH)and I will meet with a new OB mid March and will continue the last few months appts with her. When its time for delivery it will be whoever happens to be on call at that time, thats why we have a wonderful Doula to assist us through the process. Natural birth or C-Section it will be myself, DH and Doula. Our hope is to spend time bonding with the baby for at least a few days, if not a week, before we receive family visits.

Continually putting polysporin on the nice belly burn I have. Forgot how big my belly has grown and leaned over a hot baking tray that was on the counter. I heard the sizzle and then felt the heat, luckily its not too big and seems to just blend in with the stretch marks that are starting to appear. AGH, stretch marks. Must continue to rub the cream and keep praying to the stretch mark gods!

Looking forward to being done work soon and taking some time for me before the baby arrives. Only another 7-8 weeks or so. Moved all of our Little Lotus Yoga info over to wordpress over the last few weeks and really liking the feel of wordpress over blogger. I think I may eventually switch this blog over as well.

Until then, its time for me to eat some lunch as I am starving!