Monday, October 26, 2009

Holy Nausea!

Okay, so I am an active reader, have worked with probably over a hundred pregnant women (on personal basis, or through yoga and fitness classes) and have heard about the yucky 'morning sickness'. LISTEN HERE.....I am telling the world now as most books seem to sugar coat it.....MORNING SICKNESS CAN BE AN ALL DAY EXTREME NAUSEA AND VOMITTING FEST. Mine is extreme enough that I don't function. My doctor has put me on diclectin, started at 3 times per day. This didn't even touch the constant sickies. Problem being I was throwing up before the pills could even be absorbed into my body.

Thankful for Ann Douglas, @themotherofall, and author extraordinaire she contacted me on Twitter and suggested that I contact the Nausea & Vomiting in Pregnancy dept. through Sick Kids in Toronto. They were fantastic help, and informed me that I can take up to 4 gravol per day. Gravol makes me so tired though, on top of the constant fatigue that I have. I am now overly medicated on most days, and still am barely making it through the day.

I am hoping that this ends by week 12, but my Dr. has forewarned me that it is possible to have this throughout rest of pregnancy as a small percentage of women have this.

I am extremely thankful for DH who greets my grumpy face each morning with peanut butter and toast in bed. It has to be all natural peanut butter, not fake salty stuff. Trust me, I know the difference and vocalized that to him one morning when I tasted the change.

My love of coffee has left me. I hope only temporarily. I can't stand the smell, the thought or even see an empty cup of it. That being said I did brave it into the local coffee shop downtown a few times as I got off the bus holding the vomit in until I could get to a toilet. ps. if you ever need to be sick in a public restroom grab newspaper to at least kneel on the floor because bathrooms are filthy!

If you have been to our house lately you may of also seen the hot pink garbage pails that fancy each of our floors. No, we are not redecorating. Do not touch these buckets. They are for me and my sickies only! Don't move them, I need to know were they are in an emergency!

So for those friends who have been calling, tweeting and facebooking don't take it offensively when I don't respond or take weekst to call back. Its not that I don't care, its that this baby has taken over my body and I feel like I constantly have the worse hangover of my life.

Signing off for now as I feel the need for a gravol or two....


Here We Go!

Well it looks like Baby DeGrace Smith may finally be really happening, and dh and I could not be more excited! We found out Tuesday August 25th, and I knew before taking the test that it had happened. Days before dh kept looking at me and asking what was wrong. I kept dropping everything for days, balance as off and I "just felt different". I know you are probably thinking, whatever, you didn't know until the test. But I will tell you that I was off enough (and so freakin eager) that I took the pregnancy test 4 days early and it came out a big YES! I then immediately peed on a second one to show dh to make sure. I didn't tell him I was taking the first one as I thought he may of said stop wasting money on those tests, in agreement with him they are expensive! Okay confession here, I don't actually pee on the stick. I find the whole thing a little challening. I actually peed in one of our porcelain cups that we use in our bathroom. DH was disgusted and even after it went through the dishwasher at least 4 times I don't think we will ever use either of the cups in the bathroom. We just don't know which one as the "pee one". We'll see though, in one of those dark nights of constant breastfeeding and no sleeping and if I am thirsty enough it probably won't really matter. I find it much easier to pee in a larger cup than try to watch and let my stream hit the stick in the right spot. Dídn't want to mess this Big Test up! Both tests were for sure, so I calmly called DH down and he looked and with a big smile said its right, we are having a baby!

Of course I took pictures of the pee stick, thinking ahead of baby books and such. Now I just have to remember to actually pull them off the camera and organize it on the computer. I swear though I will not be one of those people who actually post their pee stick picture on facebook. Somethings are better left for private.

So here we are starting a new journey....

stay posted through our joyful journey, and I am sure there will be bumps along the way!