Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will I Really Need All This?!

Those who know me know that I am a list fanatic, and always have been. Everything has to be organized and be in its proper place at all times, yes I have admitted its probably a bit OCD. Even more I understand that with a little one on the way things in their proper place may never really happen again for a long time, but I am still willing to try.

I have compiled a list of things that have been recommended in various books and sites I have read with respect to what to pack in our hospital bag. I like to be prepared for anything, and know that if we have a quick delivery and are out of the hospital quickly then I will not need everything, but its possible I could be there for a few days (fingers crossed this is not the case and Baby Boy comes gliding out with no hiccups along the way!)and I want to be prepared.

Here is what I have compiled to date:

toothbrush (and one for DH)

nightgown (should I bring more than 1, and will they let me wear my own...yes I know it will be ruined, or will I have to wear the yucky hospital ones?)
flip flops
extra underwear
extra socks
comfy go home clothes

bottles of water

sanitary pads (so should I go and buy the big thick overnight ones that have yet to step foot in my house?!)

nursing bra
nursing pads

baby blankets
baby clothes
baby diapers
baby hat
baby mittens- no scratch

magazines (for me & DH)

phone numbers
quarters or calling card

lip balm
massage oil / lotion

birth plan
hospital pre-registration card
health card
hospital card

snacks for me & DH (and our wonderful Doula!)

bathing suit and flip flops for DH in case he needs to get into shower to help me
extra clothes for DH (in case he doesn't end up passing out and holds the baby when he comes out all gooey, or we are at hospital for long time)

car seat

Okay, so that's what I have for now. If you think I have missed anything PLEASE help this yummy mummy to be out! Also, if there is something there is no way in hell you ever would of used or think I may not please share!!



  1. That actually looks like a great list. Nothing far out on there. Lipbalm - yes!! Extra socks - yes! As for the nightgown, you can wear your own clothes, I much preferred being in my own jammies. And you wont ruin them if you're wearing pads etc. (at least you shouldn't...and blood can be washed out if you get them dirty). Pads - I loved the Always overnight orange packaged ones...the hospital gives you these big uncomfy crinkly diaper pads! So bring granny underwear and the pads and you'll be all set!

  2. In all honesty, I'd recommend "Depends" instead of sanitary pads for the first day or two (or four)!! Sounds highly humiliating, but really, after the whole birth thing, there's not a lot of shame left! This was recommended by a friend of mine and she was SO right! They are very comfortable and you don't have to worry about staining anything. They cup nicely and don't rub against any tender or sore nether regions!

    And I had some around before the birth of baby #2 and was very glad I did. My water broke and I wore them for the first 30 hours while NOTHING else was happening except leaking amniotic fluid!

    Best advice I ever got. Seriously. It was awesome to have them.

  3. Jacki is right, Depends are the best thing! I didn't know about them until I had my second.

    Your list is great! I had most of those things, and honestly maybe only used 10% of it. But I was not in the hospital for long. I always believe it is better to be prepared just in case you might need it.

  4. I wore the hospital gown to have my kids. I don't feel like I really had a choice, but I also didn't really care.
    I'd bring lots of extra underwear, and def the big pads.
    You don't need to bring lots of diapers, they provide them there and you can usually take some home with you at the end even.
    Do you mean a nursing pillow or a regular pillow? Definitely bring a nursing pillow if you're planning to nurse. I used mine a lot.
    And cell phones work in the hospitals so I don't know if you need calling cards. There were also phones in the rooms I delivered in and in my hospital room (I paid for the ones in my rooms though) so I just used those.
    That helpful? :) I delivered my son at the General and my twins at the Civic so not sure if the above applies to different hospitals.

  5. The hospital will provide diapers while you are in the hospital, but not all of them give you some to take home. St Paul's in Vancouver, where I gave birth, uses cloth diapers, and you have to provide your own to take the baby home.

    I gave birth in the hospital gown - honestly, why saddle yourself with more laundry than necessary for those first few precious, confusing, whirlwind days at home with your brand new baby?

    And I don't think I saw a car seat on your list... You'll need one of those unless you're taking a taxi or walking home!

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  7. thanks so much for replying everyone! your support and expertise is greatly appreciated!

  8. hmm, @crystal for some reason blogger wouldn't let me approve your comment something with the website at that time, please repost if you wish

  9. Lara hit it on the head for most things. I wore their gowns just because it was easier, though I could have gotten away with a nursing night gown too, but it comes on and off so often seriously.

    Use their stuff as much as you can. I put the kids in nightgowns (both boy and girl) when there.

    Food and snacks are a good idea though, you'll be fed, but dh won't be.

    Bring the prettiest smelling toiletries you have (shampoo/body wash/lotion). Seems stupid, but the first shower you have after will make you feel like a different person. To this day, when I smell a certain lotion I think happy baby thoughts!

  10. Definitely bring snacks for your husband, and for you for after labour. I also brought my Sigg water bottle.