Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The business ideas fly through my head, I continue to teach my yummy yoga classes, take the kids from here and there and ensure they are well taken care of, and I continue to wake several times a night to pee. I have been going to bed around 10pm most nights but am finding its taking a bit of time to wind down and prepare my mind and body for sleep. Or taking time to turn off the fingers from skimming around on the blackberry and actually disconnect from the virtual world! By the time I read and feel tired enough to sleep its usually around 11 or 12. Then begins the 2 hour sleep, then bathroom break, back to bed and take back my body pillow from my husband who has somehow while sleeping taken over MY body pillow!

Weekends are when I tend to catch up on my sleep and usually end up having a nap on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Saturday's are still an early rise for me as we have a Little Lotus class that starts at 8:30am, followed by two more throughout the day.

I thought the intention would be to sleep continually now in preparation for little Dominic to make his arrival, however it seems baby has a different plan as he continues to be most active at night and loves punching my bladder.

So I guess for now I will embrace the fatigue as I enter into motherhood and take the no sleeping as early preparation.....possibly even boot camp!


  1. Hehe!! I get more sleep now with 2 kids than I did when I was pregnant, with all the peeing and insomnia! Maybe you'll be lucky!

  2. lol, well I am glad that there may be a little sleep on way when the little one comes, my fingers are crossed anyways!